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Our Novelties and Amusements

This is just a sample of what we offer and we are always getting new inventory, so check with your agent for anything you don't see listed here!


Cash Cube

Hope you have fast hands because the object is to catch as much money as you can. Fill our crazy Cash Cube with real dollar bills, gift certificates or just fun play money and then watch as each guest steps into the phone-sized booth and waits for th... Read More

Customized Money

Customized Funny Money can be given to guests upon entrance into your casino gaming area. This funny money can feature corporate logos, a picture of the CEO or guest of honor & anything else devious you can think of. Players then cash in their funny ... Read More

Kids Casino

We provide customized casino packages! Get the whole casino experience! Be sure to ask us about our NEW Triple Diamond Monte Carlo VIP area and instructional tables. An authentic Las Vegas experience, just for the kids! Kids Casino Package: Choose an... Read More

Red Carpet Entrance Way

Your guests will be the stars of the show - just roll out the red carpet! Our red carpet entrance way comes complete with a brushed aluminum arch way and chasing lights. Custom signage and over 10' of red carpet make this an entrance way you would se... Read More

Vegas Entry Way

Enter your casino night in style! Our reconstruction of the Las Vegas strip will dazzle your guests as they stroll down the Las Vegas Boulevard at your next event. Complete with the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, cactus, and an obscene amount of flashing... Read More

Wheel of Fortune - table only

Take a spin at the wheel and test your luck with our Wheel of Fortune Casino Game! We provide customized casino packages! Get the whole casino experience and choose from black jack tables, roulette tables, money wheels, craps tables, poker tables, bi... Read More

Wheel of Fortune with Dealer

Take a spin at the wheel and test your luck with our Wheel of Fortune Casino Game! We provide customized casino packages! Get the whole casino experience and choose from black jack tables, roulette tables, money wheels, craps tables, poker tables, bi... Read More

Virtual Reality and High Tech

Simulcast Horse Racing

Are you ready for the races? We show horse races on an OTB TV display system and allow your guests to choose which horse will win, place or show from our racing programs. Prizes for the winners are included!

Alpine Ski

Checkpoint-style racing game, featuring realistic physics, unique controls and an unusual genre for a racing game. Features three separate courses and your choice of speed or gate racing. Cool replay feature for finishing number 1.

Silent Party

Imagine a concert gathering of hundreds of people dancing while wearing wireless headphones, with no audible music. As you walk into the party, you are handed your own pair of headphones. What first appeared to be a crowd dancing to silence just bec... Read More

Arcade and Billiards

Air Hockey

Who doesn't like Air Hockey? This 7' air hockey table will add excitement to any event. Checking is optional!

Arcade Basketball

How to play: two players, two hoops, and one ticking clock. Test your skills to see who can withstand the pressure and sink more three pointers before the buzzer sounds. A digital scorekeeper tracks the points and remaining time left before someone i... Read More

Arcade Basketball Deluxe

Sink as many baskets in a 40 second game to win up to 4 players.

Arcade Football

2 minute drill is a race against the clock that can be played by one person or by two in a 1 on 1 competition. The clock counts down the time as the score is kept on teh bright, LED scoreboard. Perfect for any football or arcade themed event.

Arcade Games

From Golden Tee, Daytona 500, Dance Revolution and much more, we can provide the right games for your event! Our flashback series includes favorite titles such as Guyruss, Asteroid, Space Invaders, and Pac Man. Our inventory is frequently changing, s... Read More


Adrenaline Rush

Get ready for some intense adrenaline action on this mammoth new 40' x 27' inflatable. The competition ignites on the two, identical, 80' long, U shaped runways. Each one, bristling with eleven separate obstacle challenges will test your stamina and ... Read More

Virtual Reality Speed Dome

THE VIRTUAL RACING DOME! An enclosed, inflatable dome houses four virtual reality racing cars that are simultaneously linked together for racing purposes. How it works: Participants sit in one of the "race-cars" and compete against each other, all h... Read More

Adrenaline Rush Extreme Obstacle Course

It’s not called the Adrenaline Rush Extreme for nothing! This 43’ inflatable is the flagship of all obstacle courses and a must have for any event wanting lots of WOW factor and high throughput. The Adrenaline Rush Extreme challenges participants... Read More

All In One Sports Arena

The new All in 1 Sports Arena™ inflatable game will satisfy any sports fan with eight different game choices! Enjoy traditional team sports such as basketball, football, and soccer, as well as gymnasium classics like dodgeball, first n' goal, and v... Read More

Batting Cage

Swing for the fences with our Batting Cage. This inflatable batting enclosure features a professional pitching arm that controls the speed of each ball pitched, ensuring a safe swinging environment. Complete with home plate, baseball bats, and helmet... Read More

Big Glove Boxing

Two participants enter an inflatable boxing ring with over-sized boxing gloves and headgear. The fun begins when the contestants hilariously and clumsily try to box their opponent. Forget about those old-fashioned pillow fights. It's time to duke it ... Read More

Bungee Bull

Do you have what it takes to withstand Butch, the wild bucking bull? Participants ride on a foam padded bull and hang on for dear life while fellow cow pokes pull four bungee cords attempting to safely toss you off onto an inflatable mattress. Hold o... Read More

Bungee Run

Two participants line up side by side for a one-on-one race down an inflatable lane. The objective? Attaching a Velcro beanbag the farthest on the center dividing wall. The catch? Each participant is attached via a waist restraint to a bungee cord. T... Read More

Cruisin Cooler w/Track

Experience the latest motorized racing trend with our new cruisin’ coolers. These units are actual coolers outfitted with a battery and motor for up to 13 mph electric fun. The units are extremely maneuverable and race within the confines of our 40... Read More

Drive In Movie

Experience the thrill of your favorite film shown on our giant 32'x24' inflatable movie screen. Complete with popular movie titles, earth shaking sound and even popcorn and cotton candy, our drive-in movie night guarantees to be a huge crowd favorite... Read More


A super trampoline system, that enables the participant to jump over two stories high accomplishing gravity defying maneuvers. Multiple bungee cords are attached to a harness (in which the jumper is secured) which super boosts the traditional trampol... Read More

Extreme Batting

An air flow tube keeps a light weight baseball hovering in the strike zone while two batters swing for the fences of the inflatable arena. (2 player) People per Hour 20-40 Power Requirement (2) 20 AMPS Set-up Time 45 Minutes Space Required 30’... Read More

Fly Guy

They move, they dance and they'll attract tons of attention at your next event. These inflatable air puppets have been made famous by numerous Super Bowls and Olympic events. Perfect Parties USA is now proud to bring them to you. With a variety of ch... Read More

Giant Slide

Loads of fun for all ages. These Giant Slides draw a crowd wherever they go. We have several to choose from including a colossal Surfer Wave, a super-cool Fire Truck and more! People per Hour 120+ Power Requirement (2) 20 AMPS Set-up Time 45 Minu... Read More

Giant Twister

The original game with a new twist. Be the last to keep your hands and feet on the appropriate colors and hope that your opponents lose their balance first. A giant inflatable mat is filled with air as an extra challenge for the players. Do you have ... Read More

Gladiator Joust

American Gladiators here we come! For this event, two willing participants position themselves on separate raised platforms above an inflatable mattress. The goal is to knock their opponent off of the pedestal using a padded pugal stick. Balance is t... Read More

Gotta Go Racers

When you "gotta go", you gotta get the Gotta Go Racers. These motorized porta potty racers are powered by golf cart batteries that speed around a 40' x 60' inflatable track. Four contestants at a time cruise on these flushing Ferrari's that are fun f... Read More

Human Bowling

STRIKE! Become the human bowling ball at your next event and see if you have what it takes to roll a strike or a spare. Contestants are safely strapped into a 4' diameter steel ball and then rolled by teammates down a 30' long inflatable alley in an ... Read More

Human Foosball

The name says it all… A life-size, inflatable version of the popular foosball table game found in bars, cafes and arcades around the world. Ten participants (five per side) enter the 50' x 30' arena and line up. Each player wears a waist harness th... Read More


People per Hour 100+ Power Requirement (2) 20 AMPS Set-up Time 30 minutes Space Required 6' X 3' X 8'

Inflatable Basketball

Shoot and SCORE!!! Aim basketballs at our Inflatable Basketball Hoop and you are sure to win at your next event! Two players shoot baskets and the balls are returned to them. People per Hour 20-40 Power Requirement 20 AMPS Set-up Time 30 Minutes Spa... Read More

Inflatable Golf Driving Range

A 16'x16'x16' inflatable golf driving range will excite guests at your next event. The realistically printed golf ball hood and digitally printed fairway make this golf game one of the most visual driving ranges on the market. Participants drive the ... Read More

Inflatable Train

People per Hour 40+ Power Requirement 20 AMPS Set-up Time 45 Minutes Space Required 33’ X11’ X 13’

Laser Tag

Get ready to experience the latest high tech frenzy! This inflatable dome laser tag arena comes complete with fog, black lights and concert style sound. Players enter the mazed arena and use the inflatable barriers as hiding spots in an attempt to am... Read More

Monster Basketball

A three point shootout contest jumbo sized. (2 player)


A staple at most events, the Moonwalk is perfect for entertaining the children at your event. The inflatable bouncing area, walls and net front make for a safe environment as well as the perfect babysitter. The Moonwalk is quite a visual item and is ... Read More

Off With Your Head

Off With Your Head Contestants wear a costume that has a fake head attached by Velcro. Try to knock your opponents head off to win the match!

Pizza Chef

Children crawl through a fun-filled maze underneath the cheese and pepperoni toppings of a 30' wide inflatable pizza. While crawling their way through the crust of the pizza, children attempt to make their way to the center of the maze where they can... Read More

Pony Hops

Get ready to hop around and have a ball! These old-style picnic racing ponies are a guaranteed yeehaw! Made of a highly flexible material used for river rapids and sea towable inflatables, the Pony Hops ensure zero air loss and lots of bounce. All yo... Read More

QB Blitz

ouchdown! Challenge your Quarterback abilities with our QB Blitz. Contestants throw a football into our inflatable’s backdrop, hoping to score a touchdown.

Robo Surfer

See if you have what it takes to "hang ten" at your next event. Contestants stand on a mechanical surfboard that rests above an inflatable ocean of waves and palm trees. The surfboard is controlled by a joystick controller which adjusts the speed, di... Read More

Rock Wall

Bringing the Rockies to you! Our four-sided 28' inflatable mountain is perfect for a great rock climbing experience, complete with safety climbing gear. Ideal for fundraising events, challenging co-workers, getting a workout & more! Plus it's a great... Read More

Slam n Jam

Slam N Jam™ makes dreams come true for young basketball fans! Shoot the basket and dunk like the professionals with this active inflatable play structure. Each child can shoot a free throw, then run and jump on the center trampoline and catch the f... Read More

Slap Shot Hockey

Test your hockey skills with Slap Shot Hockey. Guests will use a hockey stick and aim the puck into different holes cut out of the back of the inflatable.

Slip n Slide

Run, stretch, dive….Slip n'Slide! This 30' long inflatable runway is sure to keep guests laughing all the way down. Overhead archways spray a fine mist of water on the inflatable runway while each guest runs and slides head first down the lane into... Read More

Soccer Shootout

Shoot, kick and score a goooaaaalllll at your next event. A competitive soccer game, that has two players kicking soccer balls through one of three different back drop targets. As participants score soccer balls through their own targets, the balls ... Read More

Speed Pitch Inflatable

Who's going to be the next Pedro? The Speed Pitch clocks the speed of a participants throw using a high tech radar gun. Make a contest out of it: The fastest throw of the day wins or guess your speed for a prize. This is a perfect item for baseball l... Read More

Sumo Wrestling

One of our most popular rentals, Sumo Wrestling is a real crowd pleaser. Two participants put on over-sized sumo wrestling suits, sumo hair and get ready to wrestle. Now looking like they weigh 400 pounds, each contestant waddles to the center of the... Read More

Synthetic Skating Rink

From Cirque Du Soliel to major cruise ships and even Las Vegas Casinos… everyone loves synthetic ice! And now we offer a Synthetic Ice Skating Rink that is comprised of an artificial skating surface that requires no refrigeration. A perfect accesso... Read More

Velcro Wall

We call this one the human spider web. Picture this? A Velcro suit, a bouncable inflatable mat, and an inflatable Velcro Wall. Run, bounce, jump, stick! That's all there is to it! Oh but don't forget to strike a pose, style counts!

Carnival and Picnic Games

Big Splash

This new water attraction is sure to make a big splash at your next event. Guests sit underneath a bucket full of water and when a ball hits the target the bucket of water dumps on the person sitting beneath it. It requires a constant water source an... Read More

Carnival Booths

Red and white striped carnival booths bring that nostalgic midway feel to any event. Available in Red & White, Blue & White, or Yellow and White to match any theme decor. People per Hour 45 Power Requirement N/A Set-up Time 30 Minutes Space Requi... Read More

Down Pour Derby

Pump the fastest to tip the downpour bucket on your opponent before they do it to you. Great for parties, carnivals,schools, corporate events & more! 1.5 to 3 gallons of water pour down for a total soaking. 15-20 handle turns (about 1 minute) spills ... Read More

Dunk Tank

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Throw the ball, hit the target and watch a friend or co-worker gets dunked. Just hope that water isn't too cold! A perfect engaging activity for fundraising events! People per Hour 60+ Power Requirement WATER SOURCE - 500 Gallons... Read More

Giant Trikes

Our hilarious over-sized tricycles are great for corporate teambuilding events. Three contestants compete for all they're worth around a race-track toward the finish line. The winner earns bragging rights for the rest of the event! People per Hour ... Read More

3-Hole Miniature Golf Course

Three holes of festive and challenging fun for all ages! This exciting course features full-scale obstacles, score cards, clubs and a guaranteed good time. Ideal for corporate outings or block parties.

Airbrush Face Painting/hr.

Simply Put… This is the most amazing, cutting edge face painting rental available. Dazzle your guests with the same face painting techniques done at Disney World and Universal Studios. We use 10 air-guns to create the most amazing body art you have... Read More

Airbrush Tattoo Artists/hr.

Our airbrush tattoo artists comes complete with a diamond plated push cart with the choice of many tattoos. From intricate tribal arm band designs, Chinese symbols or beautiful roses, we provide the experience of sitting at an authentic tattoo parlor... Read More

Airbrush Tattoos (4hrs.)

Our airbrush tattoo artist comes complete with a diamond plated push cart and a flip chart of over 100 tattoos. From intricate tribal arm band designs, Chinese symbols or beautiful roses, we provide the experience of sitting at an authentic tattoo pa... Read More

Antique Photos

Old-fashioned antique photos are always a big hit. Comes complete with a backdrop, costumes and plenty of props. Choose wild hats, crazy wigs and much more. Two hundred black and white photos are included and can be put into a customized picture fram... Read More

Asian Name Paintings/hr.

In the Chinese culture and tradition, people have always believed that painting a person's name with graceful and colorful animals brings that person good fortune. We bring this gift to you with one of our name painters, creating the perfect take hom... Read More



The official bean bag game, Baggo can be customized to your event! Great for clam bakes, beach parties, carnival parties and more!

Balloon Dart w/Carnival Booth

How's your aim? Try out our Balloon Dart Game to see. Guests will have a few tries to pop the balloons mounted on our giant dart board.

Baseball Toss

Throw your best pitch and see if you have what it takes to strikeeee em' out. This colorful backdrop game is great for baseball outings or any event where you want to test your pitching skills.

Basketball Hoop (1 Hoop)

Beach Volleyball w/ Sand

Get ready for beach volleyball like you have never seen it before. We bring in 2 dump truck loads of beach sand, a Bobcat and a team of landscapers to create the perfect beach volleyball court. Your guests will be absolutely blown away when playing b... Read More

Boston Ball Park Midway

Create a classic style Fan Zone with our Yawkey Midway. It consists of (4) red and white stripped carnival booths with baseball style games like: Break-A-Plate, Baseball Toss, Tin Can Alley, and Ring-A-Bottle. Complete with booth attendants dressed a... Read More

Game Shows

Fabulous Feud

Much like the Family Feud style game show, we would like to present FABULOUS Feud!! A 10-person interactive, customizable trivia show, makes for a great form of entertainment. This game show is perfect for team building! A great recreation of the pop... Read More

Pop Culture

TV show and movie fans alike will find this game show one of their favorites. We play popular movie and TV show clips on a giant movie screen while your guests identify the titles. Bonus rounds, state of the art sound equipment and Hollywood themed p... Read More

Super Trivia

Test your smarts against your competition with our newest trivia game. The atmosphere is such that you actually feel as though you are competing on a game show. This is a high impact game that will create a competitive frenzy at any event. One to fou... Read More

Wheel of Misfortune Game Show

An exclusive program, The Wheel of Misfortune is our rendition of what happens when Jeopardy meets The Wheel of Fortune. This game show combines the intellect of game show mania combined with stunts from Double Dare. Get ready for fun, excitement and... Read More

Game Show

Come on down… you are the next contestant in Game Show Mania. Game Show Mania is the Jeopardy style television show brought right to you. Complete with lit up game stations, digital scoring, music and even a game show host, this game gets everyone ... Read More

Game Show Mania

Come on down… you are the next contestant in Game Show Mania. Game Show Mania is the Jeopardy style television show brought right to you. Complete with lit up game stations, digital scoring, music and even a game show host, this game gets everyone ... Read More

I Dare Ya Game Show

See what happens when trivia meets physical challenges for a true crowd roaring, jump out of your seat, I can’t believe it good time! Try to find a better game show...I Dare Ya!

Special Touches

Snow Machine

Add a real snow effect to your next winter themed event with our professional theatrical snow machines. These machines turn a simple fluid into a snow that won’t accumulate and won’t destroy the inside of your venue. Simply put, they add the magi... Read More

Glow Cocktail Table


Platform Staging available for your event. Different sizes and heights available.

Video Screens

Plasma Screens

Perfect for tradeshows, training seminars, weddings or bar/bat mitzvahs, our 42"plasma screen monitors are great for showing product videos, photo montages or even music videos. Supported by 8' high polished aluminum trussing, the overall effect is a... Read More


Mocktails, are festive, non-alcoholic party drinks. Mocktails come in many varieties to include frozen, hot, fizzy, non-fizzy, and cream-based recipes. Mocktails are popular alternatives to alcoholic drinks and allow everyone to enjoy the spirit of a... Read More

Circus Performers

We can bring the circus to your event! Have a balloon artist, themed stilt walker, face painter, jugglers, contortionist and even an aerialists to create a party everyone will enjoy. Our entertainers are the best in the business and will interact wit... Read More

You are the Star Custom Movie Posters

Yes, now you can make your next event a blockbuster and give your guests the red carpet treatment by making them the stars of their own incredibly realistic Hollywood-style digital movie poster. How does it work? It's simple, your guests just selec... Read More