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You Are A Movie Star...Custom Movie Posters

Yes, now you can make your next event a blockbuster and give your guests the red carpet treatment by making them the stars of their own incredibly realistic Hollywood-style digital movie poster.

How does it work? It's simple, guests just select a template from our wide selection of poster themes and step into our green screen photo studio. In just a few seconds our Director will guide them into position for a star making pose and capture the perfect shot.

At the same time, guests can watch our monitors as we display the amusing and amazing digital transformation process that brings their Hollywood fantasies to life no matter their age, size, shape or skin tone.

Finally, after creating an incredibly flattering and highly realistic piece of custom artwork, we will email the stars their digital movie poster to save and share along with details on how they can order a vivid, high quality 24" x 36" wall print, if desired.

We can also create custom themes for specific events upon request.