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Matt Browne (guitarist/vocalist)

Matt is a vocalist/guitarist who performs solo at many venues in and around greater Boston.

He also teaches guitar and general music on the south shore in the towns of Scituate, Hingham, Marshfield, Cohasset and Norwell.
Being a freelance musician means doing what he loves to do; work closely with people, share his knowledge of music and technique, and give his best efforts in self-expression.
He suspects he has always been a musician since the very beginning. He listened to music and studied the shapes and forms of how it affects us in an infinite amount of ways.

His earliest influences began with The Beatles and Irish folk music. The brilliance of the melodies always seemed to catch his attention at any given moment.

Later on through high school and college, he developed a core of artists that still remain his all time favorites to this day! Yes, Genesis, Rush, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Led Zeppelin, Sting, U2, R.E.M., Paul Simon, The Who and Steely Dan all are his heroes.

He started playing guitar at age 11, with lessons given to him on his 12th birthday. From that day on, a guitar was always in his hands for probably 360 days/year.

He began on a nylon string acoustic, then steel string acoustic, then twelve string, not to own his very first electric until he was 18. Word of advice is start on an acoustic, not an electric! It’s an easier transition.