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Today's karaoke is all computerized which basically consists of a laptop, a professional audio mixer, 2 powered speakers, wireless microphones and a video monitor displaying the lyrics which faces towards the singers. Please note that we can do various size set ups, from compact to very large, as you can see in the video.

We are using the latest CompuHost V3 Karaoke Hosting Solution featuring the accompanying Songbooks Online app for Android or iPhone. It is a free app which enables you or anyone else to view our entire karaoke songlist. You will then be able to view our entire list and even save your favorites so you will be ready to go once the event starts. When Songbooks Online is activated during an event, users can send us their karaoke requests right from their smartphones. For those that are smartphone challenged, or do not have the Songbooks Online app, a Karaoke Kiosk Wireless Request System is always available for singers to peruse the entire karaoke songlist via an additional laptop kiosk which we can provide.