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Emerson Montgomery / DJ E-Z

Emerson Montgomery's love for music began very early on. As a child music could take his mind on a journey for hours on end. As a teen he was introduce to DJing and would make mixed tapes and CDs for himself and other DJ’s. In his 20s, He realized DJing would be something he would do for the rest of his life and he eventually got into the professional DJ business doing weddings, corporate and private events.

Emerson loves to get people dancing and keeping the dance floor packed all night. Once they are on the floor his intention is to keep them there by playing the right songs and timely mixing. But, even prior to that playing enjoyable music while people are eating or socializing is very important. Often he will hear compliments on the music before the dance floor is open! He always receives many compliments after every wedding or event and that ensures that doing what he does makes it a worthwhile career! If he is not doing a wedding, corporate event or private party you can find Emerson in a club honing his mixing skills.

With many years of experience behind him Emerson is well versed in all types of music, ethnicities, etc. His goal is to always strive to please the crowd and take what he does to the next level.


DJ Emerson was Great!
DJ Emerson did an amazing job of mixing latin/hispanic, jazzy and 80's classic music for our variety of guests. We all had a blast with the mix of music.