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DJ Chelsea

Chelsea has loved music her whole life. She started Beatboxing at the age of 11, and her love for DJing started at just 14 years old. Chelsea is self taught multi-talented artist/producer who has started her career in talent shows, lounges and weekly performances.

With every wedding Chelsea does she always has a personalized live performance for each couple, no two sound alike. She reads the crowd and live mixes for every occasion. Her specialty is a club DJ who has the professionalism to play a wedding while keeping the vibe going and the crowd dancing all night.

At a young age she has an impressive resume and has played in such places as SXSW in Austin, TX two years in a row, various Venues, Clubs, Shows, Concerts, and Weddings in and around Boston, New York and the New England Area. She has been featured on websites such as lstylegstyle.com, austinchronicle.com, has been noted as one of the top 5 most anticipated LGBTQ acts for SXSW listed with Ruby Rose.