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World Premier Band

When true musicians of multiple backgrounds and talent come together, the music becomes a wall of sound that no jam session could ever produce. The audience excites a demand that inspires the musician to reach beyond the dimensions of their ability to satisfy the listener.

This is World Premier Band.

WPB incorporates musicians with endless imaginations seeding the music of the 90's and today with funk, dance, originals and R&B. With choreographed dances and coordinating outfits, this band puts on a show like no other! Each band member is a vocalist which allows the band's song list to span through multiple genres. There are no words to express the energy and talent that this band puts into every performance. This is one band you have to see!


"We absolutely loved our wedding band!!
They are the most entertaining, fun, crowd uplifting band we have ever seen! They set the tone of our wedding early on! We wanted all our guests to be on the dance floor having a good time and they exceeded our expectations. To this day our guests continue to rave about how much they loved the band!"

Kristin G.