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Sweet Tooth and the Sugarbabies

See what the buzz is all about - Sweet Tooth & the Sugarbabies Band has set the new standard of excellence for party bands worldwide! The Sugarbabies Band has been the top rated party band for the past 3 years and has performed for crowds as large as 50,000 and events as huge as the 2012 U.S Presidential election!

How many times have you seen a band, and thought, "These guys are boring, and all the songs sound the same!" or, "They could have been guests at my grandparents' wedding!" The Sugarbabies Band, comprised of entirely Berklee scholarship students/alumni who have made music with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Wynton Marsalis, STOMP, and Earth, Wind, & Fire to name a few. This band exudes youth and energy, while being genuine with legendary music - in this way, they can pull off both old and new.

The recipe is being experts in events and fun, utilizing top talent, choreography, and customizing the music selection to each audience's preferences - a combination that's sure to keep your guests dancing the night away. Tasteful Ceremony and Cocktail music and then all your favorite hit dance songs from the 50s to last week, Motown to rock to funk to rap and so on - our show feels like a concert every time.

This band is in the business of FUN and their service quality and reliability is unmatched - at Sugarbabies Inc. their mission is to create an experience, that extends well before (and after!) your special day - an amazing wedding is the launching pad to an amazing marriage - this is what they do!